Gold at 18 course is first of its kind unique program offering which would enable students to not only appreciate the nitty gritties of the financial market but also would be a skill based course which will enable you to actively trade on the markets with right knowledge and balanced trading psychology. Inbuilt NSE's capital market certification, technical analysis from live market and much more to learn and practice.
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Entrance test is designed to test the trading aptitude of the student. The questions test the ability to take risk, perform under pressure, undertake quick calculations and check your numerical skills. For sample test click here, you would be taken to IIFM's Trading Aptitude Sample Test (Gold @ 18 test would be just a little simpler, so do have a look at the sample test suggested). That should give you a great idea of the kind of test that you can expect.
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Finance is not really that complex and you will vouch for the same once you have had the Gold @ 18 flavour. We believe in a simple and convenient form of counselling. Just for your convenience, counselling can be done over the phone, email or text so there is no need for the extensive travelling that is normally required to meet traditional counsellors.
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